@Vogue — “How The World Fell Head Over Heels For @RuPaul”; #DragRace #AJandTheQueen

How the World Fell Head Over Heels for RuPaul.

Over three decades RuPaul has sashayed from underground royalty to mainstream megafame. Abby Aguirre meets the queen of drag.

This studio is where Judy Garland filmed A Star Is Born, and it is now where RuPaul is shooting AJ and the Queen, a forthcoming Netflix series he created with Michael Patrick King, the head writer and executive producer of Sex and the City. (Ru is a down-on-her-luck drag queen named Ruby, traveling cross-country with an eleven-year-old orphan named AJ, played by the young actor Izzy G.) I’ve already asked to observe the pre-shoot transformation—who on God’s green earth wouldn’t?—and received a no from Team Ru that was polite but ironclad, as though I’d requested the nuclear code: “Ru’s glam process has been kept very private throughout his career.” So I’ve settled for a glimpse of the final butterfly.

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