It’s A Look : 2019 #SiteTune


As you may have noticed, we’ve made some changes here and there on It didn’t take a whole village, just one tech veteran and eight days of manual labor.

What has changed?

Obviously, the background is new, more or less, it’s now cooler. Site menu is now the same adaptive sliding sidebar for both mobile and desktop devices. Main page layout is now fluid – in that its’ arrangement changes depending on latest publications. “Top Blurb” is replaced with a more expansive “Top Stories“. Our publication archives can now be easily accessed from our new “Press Vault.” A new “Lifestyle & Entertainment” section presents relevant topics in a more neat and intuitive grid. In-house “Series” are reorganized and grouped in a new presentation format. Multi-media publications, such as music and video, can now be played directly on the main page as teaser to their corresponding story – “Playback” and “Listen Now.” Our “Blurbs” is now called “Press“, and is now presented in a cooler true-blue motif.

Why the change?

With the success of Press ASAP (a fully automated story publication service that is responsible for a dramatic increase of our traffic and readership), stories published on are changing too fast, that it’s easy for readers to miss out on them… and ultimately forgotten. We want to make sure that stories are given their five-minutes of fame, so-to-speak. It called for a new way of presenting content while ensuring that stories are not competing for attention from readers. We also want to feature multi-media immediately, but no auto-play – we let readers decide when to use their bandwidth because data is not cheap.

We also wanted to make the site lighter and improve it’s overall performance. Our anti-hacking AI is working full-time, and we wanted to start rolling out pre-emptive DDoS detection, so the site is not bogged down as a result from malicious access from a few individuals (or bots).

What’s next?

We have some new programs in the works and we’ll be pushing them gradually as they come along. So stay tuned!

Oh, and one more thing…

In a nutshell, publishing workflow looks like the illustration below. @bluebay700 (person or social media) and PressASAP (automated service) are content providers, while @UhmazingPress (social media: Instagram, Twitter) is a publication or story propagation channel only. And now you know.




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