How To Watch “Game of Thrones” — “The Long Night” Instead Of A Black Screen; #GameOfThrones #TheLongNight

The third episode of the final season of “Game of Thrones” delivered an epic battle that’s never been seen before on television, or cinema for that matter, as far as I know. It’s one of those entertainment experiences where the film seems short, even if it’s almost an hour and a half long.

Almost every scene in “The Long Night” is amazing. The whole episode kept me on the edge of my seat. I got so many goosebumps, like the opening sequence where the living are scrambling and terrified, warriors marching in unison into battle formation, dragons fighting, dragons above the clouds, dragons setting the Night Walkers on fire like paper, or Arya Stark fighting the dead with so much skill and precision. When Melisandre cast a spell on the Dothraki warriors’ arakh, and one-by-one their sword were set ablaze, like a wave of fire rolling over the them, and as they charge towards the Night Walkers while fireballs with trails of smoke covers the night sky, it was truly breathtaking to watch.

But it would be difficult to enjoy the episode if your device is not set right. It’s not only the night scene that made the episode challenging to watch, the snow storm made it even worse. Annoying they may be, these scene elements totally make sense for the episode, so adjust your display settings accordingly.

Watching it on a mobile device, like a tablet or smartphone, isn’t the best. Mobile devices’ display is optimized for limited power, so they’re not as vibrant and bright compared to standard television sets – assuming your television set is not a tube but rather an LCD. It’s best to watch the episode on a regular TV. However, it’s very likely that your TV’s picture settings will still make this episode look too dark, like mine. One thing you can do is adjust up the backlight, picture and brightness settings. You basically have to raise the shadow, dark levels as well as increase the brightness.

Some television sets, like Sony, has features like “scene” mode – it’s a list of preset display settings tailored for a particular program; like movies, sports, games, etc. I used “Movie” scene for this episode and bumped up the brightness. It made a big improvement.

Normal Mode: My normal display settings
Backlight: Minimum
Picture: Maximum
Brightness: 50


Movie Mode: Display settings for “Game of Thrones – The Long Night”
Backlight: 5 (mid-level)
Picture: 90 (out of 100)
Brightness: 70 (out of 100)

Note that the exposure levels for each photo in the collage above looks different as seen by the naked eye – shadows are lighter and the bright areas are dimmer. You can see the picture difference in the photo collage. The two dragons flying over the Unsullied warriors are barely noticeable in the normal mode, but they’re clear and visible in movie mode.

Try it and rewatch the episode. Enjoy!


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