#StarTrek: Discovery Needs To Make Its #Borg Connection Canon

New York (The Verge) — Star Trek Discovery’s Borg connection isn’t clearly canon yet, but it needs to be theverge.com/2019/5/1/18525….

In season 2 of Star Trek: Discovery, the writers introduced a sentient AI called Control, which has fostered a lot of speculation on whether it will eventually become like Trek’s biggest villains, the Borg. Writers and producers have said this isn’t their intention, but they’ve misled viewers before. Given Control’s use of drones, its takeover of humans, and the way the tagline “Struggle is pointless” echoes the Borg motto “Resistance is futile,” the connection seems obvious. More importantly, it’s necessary to the show.

The Federation starship Discovery spent the season tracking seven mysterious red signals, each of which led toward some greater purpose. A powerful being the protagonists dubbed the Red Angel also appeared alongside these signals, but its nature and its intentions were unclear. So much was unknown, but it was clear the Angel had a mission.

As the season progressed, Discovery learned new tidbits about the Red Angel. The ship’s crew joined forces with Section 31, the covert arm of Starfleet, to unmask the truth behind the signals. Along the way, the crew learned the nature of the Red Angel. But it wasn’t until protagonist Michael Burnham found her brother, Star Trek series stalwart Spock, that the season’s real threat became clear. The Red Angel was trying to stop a devastating future that would see the end of all organic sentient life. The real enemy was the head of Section 31, an AI called Control. Swapna Krishna/@verge

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