@CityofVancouver Seeks #Public #Feedback On New #BloodAlley Square In #Gastown: #Vancouver

We’re working on an exciting, vibrant redesign for #BloodAlley Square in #Gastown. Drop by our May 15 open house to see the draft design and let us know what you think.

The redesign of Blood Alley Square looks to improve upon the historical qualities of the space while creating and expanding community involvement.

We are redesigning this public space in the heart of Gastown to:

  • Update the space for neighbourhood gatherings
  • Conserve its heritage characteristics and 1970s character look
  • Propose new ways for managing commercial dumpsters and waste
  • Create a stewardship plan that involves the local community

The redesign includes a cost-estimate for construction that we will request funding from City Council to complete. Throughout the process we will be guided by the nine social impact objectives in the Downtown Eastside (DTES) Plan. We will include a social-impact statement as part of the redesign’s final report.

We hired Enns Gauthier, a highly-qualified team of consultants with considerable experience in the Downtown Eastside, to redesign Blood Alley Square and Trounce Alley.

The redesign is expected to be completed by summer 2017.

Redesigning the heart of Gastown

Blood Alley Square is adjacent to Trounce Alley, one of Vancouver’s original roads. Its narrow cobblestone lanes, historic streetlights, and brick buildings bring a unique sense of character unlike anywhere else in the city. The square is cherished by residents and visitors, and hosts a number of community events organized by neighbourhood groups. It’s a place defined by the many social, cultural, and economic tensions that have existed in the Downtown Eastside for generations.

Policy 6.2.2 in the Downtown Eastside (DTES) Plan PDF file (17 MB) identifies Blood Alley Square and Trounce Alley as a priority for rehabilitation “to improve the public realm, increase safety, and introduce programming with support for community stewardship as a shared space, including opportunities for low-income residents”.

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