Home Office Stopped Thousands Of #Britons For #Immigration Checks

London (The Guardian) — Home Office stopped thousands of Britons for immigration checks.

Enforcement officers quizzed more UK citizens than any foreign nationality, sparking racial bias concerns

In the UK’s largest cities, 5,938 British citizens were stopped from January 2017 to October 2018, sparking concern that black and minority ethnic Britons were being wrongly targeted through racial profiling.

Enforcement officers who conduct checks on people they suspect of immigration offences on the street, in workplaces and on public transport had more encounters with British citizens who have a right to be in the UK than the combined number of people from Romania, Pakistan and India, who were the next most likely groups to be targeted.

The error of stopping British citizens was illustrated by the fact that only five of those stopped were arrested, compared with 2,188 among Romanians, Pakistanis and Indians.

The Home Office’s guidance states that “a person’s colour or perceived ethnic origin can never be the basis of your ‘reasonable suspicion’ that someone is an immigration offender.” Adam Cantwell-Corn/@guardian

Source: guardian, full story


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