#Tuition Or #Dinner? Nearly Half Of College Students Surveyed In A New Report Are Going Hungry

New York City (The New York Times) — Pay tuition, or eat dinner? Across America, nearly half of college students surveyed in a new report are going hungry.

Many routinely skip meals and take ‘poverty naps’ because they cannot afford groceries. Campus food pantries are helping, but are they enough?

A survey released this week by Temple University’s Hope Center for College, Community and Justice indicated that 45 percent of student respondents from over 100 institutions said they had been food insecure in the past 30 days. In New York, the nonprofit found that among City University of New York (CUNY) students, 48 percent had been food insecure in the past 30 days.

The Debt-Free College Act, which aims to cover all costs associated with attending a public college, was reintroduced this year. Advocates are also hoping Congress expands the National School Lunch Program to higher education.

Boosting federal education funding should be part of the presidential election discussion, said Dr. Goldrick-Rab, who cited a higher education plan put out by Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, a Democrat who is running for president.

If no progress is made, Dr. Goldrick-Rab said, “existing investments in financial aid will be undermined as students drop out simply because they don’t have enough to eat.”

Source: nytimes, full story


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