@Sasha_Velour Presents “Alexander Velvet With His Cat Ivana”; #DragRace #alterEgo #DragKing

“Alexander Velvet with his cat Ivana”⁣

Meet my masculine alter-ego, inspired by the legendary Drag Kings of history (who I think are just as responsible for the camp sensibility as us queens!) ⁣

I think of Annie Hindle & Vesta Tilley (the most successful drag kings of Vaudeville), Gladys Bentley (drag king/musician of the Harlem Renaissance), Josephine Baker and Marlene Dietrich, Diane Torr (80s performance artist who created “man-for-a-day” drag king workshops) especially Stormé Delarverie (the king who hosted the “Jewel Box Revue” and according to legend/herself, threw the first punch at Stonewall). Plus the many amazing kings of today who are developing some of the most original drag out there! Learn your drag history, darlings!

Photo: Tanner Abel⁣ Backdrop: Charles Broderson Hair: Marcoswigs, re-styled by Travis Numes with assistance from Renegade Hair

Source: sasha_velour


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