New Species Of Bat-wing #Dinosaur Discovered – #Ambopteryx

Global (National Geographic) — The newfound fossil—named Ambopteryx—is just the second feathered dinosaur found with bat-like membrane wings.

The rare fossil find from China is the best preserved example yet of this very odd dinosaur group.

The newfound fossil, unveiled today in the journal Nature, is just the second feathered dinosaur found with signs of large membranes on its wings. Fitting, then, that the animal's newly assigned genus name is Ambopteryx: Latin for “both wings.”

Ambopteryx is now the best known fossil of a scansoriopterygid (scan-soary-OP-teh-rigid), an oddball group of nonavian dinosaurs that includes Yi qi, the first dinosaur ever found with bat-like wings. That fossil find—announced in 2015 by study coauthor Xing Xu, the IVPP's deputy director—reshaped how scientists understood the evolution of flight.

Source: NatGeo, full story


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