NYC Tenants Successfully Argue For Right To A Physical Key Over A Smart Lock

New York (The Verge) — NYC tenants successfully argue for right to a physical key over a smart lock….

Residents of a New York City apartment block have successfully forced their landlord to provide them with physical keys after a smart lock was installed on the building’s lobby door.

CNET reportsthat a physical key has been designated as a “required service” that the landlord is obligated to provide as a result of the settlement.

Following the installation of the Latch-branded smart lock last September, five tenants sued their landlord, arguing that the use of the smart lock and its accompanying app raised serious privacy concerns. Their attorney argued that it could be used to “surveil, track, and intimidate tenants.” The tenants claimed that the smart lock’s app could track their location and notify their landlord when they enter the smart lock-equipped door, the New York Post reports. Latch denies these claims. Jon Porter/@verge

Source: verge, full story


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