#RideShare Frustration In #Vancouver Continues

Kater operates like a taxi, regardless of the local restrictions that is preventing it from operating like a real ride share company.

Testing continues for #ridesharing services. Is @Kater rolling in the right direction? @CityNewsTravis has a look.

Source: BT_Vancouver

B.C. government introduces legislation that will allow ridesharing by fall 2019. The long-awaited legislation that allows for ridesharing companies to operate in the province. But there are still questions about how companies like Uber and Lyft will be able to operate in B.C.

“Safety is a core value for TappCar. In any market we seek to operate in, we look for comprehensive safety rules and regulations to be in place. To that end, this legislation is a home run for drivers and passengers,” TappCar spokesperson Pascal Ryffel said. “We look forward to seeing consumers in British Columbia municipalities gain access to safe, reliable and affordable rideshare choice soon.” — Global News

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