How To Stop Google From Keeping Your Voice Recordings; #privacy

New York (The Verge) — How to stop Google from keeping your voice recordings….

You can delete the recordings made by Google Assistant and Alexa, but only Google Assistant lets you pause recording altogether. Here’s how to keep your home activities from being recorded and stored.

The Washington Post’s Geoffrey A. Fowler was so taken aback by the amount of audio material that Amazon collected that he actually made a song out of his clips.

(Read the full article for the steps.)

Something else to keep in mind: when you pause voice and audio, you are not pausing any other activity. For example, after I finished the two tests above, I went back to the My Activity page, which keeps track of everything you do with Google. (Check it out; it’s both fascinating and a bit frightening.) I found both “Hi, Google, this is a test” and “Hi, Google, this is the second test” listed there; the only difference was that the former included a voice recording. Barbara Krasnoff/@verge

Source: verge, full story


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