Drag Icon Lady Bunny (@LADYBUNNY77) Speaks Out On Proposed #NYC Fur Ban


The PETA supporter said of the proposed NYC fur ban that New Yorkers should be free to wear what they wish. “I'm a transvestite who wears women's clothes, so government-enforced dress codes make me nervous.” 

Lady Bunny — who rose to fame in the ‘80s alongside “Drag Race” star RuPaul and gifted us with the East Village drag festival known as Wigstock — has long been a supporter of animal rights group PETA. In the early 2000s, she became the face of PETA’s anti-fur campaign “Fur Is A Drag” as well as the group’s call to boycott Kentucky Fried Chicken, which asked people to “kick the bucket” on animal cruelty.

“While I'd like for people to wake up to the cruelty of fur, I don't believe in banning something for everyone just because I don't personally care for it,” the seasoned drag queen and LGBTQ advocate said by email Wednesday about the proposed NYC fur ban bill.

“We don't need laws for clothing,” says Lady Bunny.

Source: LADYBUNNY77, full story


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