More #Democrats Are Considering A #Breakup Of #Facebook

New York (The Verge) — More Democrats are considering a breakup of Facebook….

Joe Biden and Kamala Harris are the latest to say they are thinking about it. The subject is in the news after a Facebook co-founder said it should spin off WhatsApp and Instagram

Increasingly, Democratic presidential candidates agree with him. Sen. Elizabeth Warren had already issued her call to break up big tech companies; yesterday, Sen. Kamala Harris said “we have to seriously take a look” at breaking up Facebook. Today, Joe Biden said a Big Tech breakup is “something we should take a really hard look at.”

And Facebook, for its part, finally responded at length. First, Nick Clegg, the company’s head of communications and policy, had an op-ed in the New York Times. He argued that the company has plenty of meaningful competition, and that breaking it up would only worsen problems around unchecked free speech and data protection. Casey Newton/@verge

Source: verge, full story


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