Stopping Key Tech Exports To China May Backfire

Washington, D.C. (All Tech Considered) — Stopping Key Tech Exports To China Could Backfire, Researchers And Firms Say.

Some tech firms and researchers say plans to impose export restrictions on “emerging and foundational technology” would make it hard to thwart cyber threats and to cooperate globally in science.

The nonprofit in Watertown, Mass., does so by sharing research materials globally, like chromosomal DNA, used in the search for breakthrough medical cures.

That could soon change.

It is now one of thousands of research groups and companies caught up in a tech rivalry between the United States and China. This year, the Trump administration is expected to put new restrictions on the export of “emerging and foundational technology” — tools that are central to next-generation applications — to prevent it from falling into the wrong hands.

Source: npralltech, full story


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