@GameOfThrones Finale, Season 8, Episode 6: “No One Is Very Happy” — #TheIronThrone


I am underwhelmed by the “Game of Thrones” last and final show episode. It was a protracted tearjerker episode, something one would expect maybe in earlier seasons, but not in a finale. The only part that was really exciting and noteworthy was a shot where the Mother of Dragons appear to have grown her own bat wings. If they rearranged the last three episodes as follows; “The Bells,” “The Iron Throne,” and then finally, “The Long Night,” I think would make a much better ending. It doesn't make any sense to build up all these characters' backstories only to deliver a sob competition in the end, or to deliver such an intense climax only to be followed by two not-so-great episodes. Oh, and… didn't most (if not, all) the Dothraki warriors perished in “The Long Night” episode? Did they clone them somehow? It's still not all that bad, but I wish they made a better last impression.

(NPR) — Kiss kiss stab stab. Just another wacky episode of Keeping Up With The Targaryens. Read our recap and review of the GOT series finale.

After eight seasons, 73 episodes and a whole lot of characters saying “bend the knee” all the time, HBO's massive fantasy series is finally over.

In the show they made, Daenerys became the monster. Jon slayed said monster, as he was evidently fated to do, and got sent to the Wall without his supper. The Iron Throne got turned into a slag heap, and after briefly flirting with the notion of representative democracy, Bran MacGuffin became King of the Six Kingdoms, Sansa became Queen in the North, and Arya… went on a cruise. (If you were waiting for her Bag O'Faces to come back somehow, you were disappointed. So let's you and I pretend that she's using it to entertain the ship's crew with her convincing impressions, two shows nightly in the Lido Deck Lounge. Maybe a one-woman deal called Walder Frey: King Leer? Or Heaven Can Waif?)

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