#Huawei’s #Android License Pulled; Develops In-house OS, #HongMeng As Replacement; Regional Customers Show Support

New York (The Verge) — Huawei’s devices may have had their Android licenses cut off by Google over the weekend thanks to a US government order, but Chinese users appear to be rallying around the company, with social media posts on Weibo and Douyin showing strong support for Huawei.

The debate over Huawei and national security was thrust back into the spotlight over the weekend, when, as part of a US government order, Google revoked Huawei’s Android license, which cuts the company’s phones off entirely from most Google apps and services. It’s less of a problem for users in China, given nearly all Google services don’t function in China anyway, but the move is far more problematic for Huawei’s efforts to expand beyond its Chinese customer base to places like Europe and the US.Chaim Gartenberg/@verge

Huawei’s mobile CEO Richard Yu hasn’t publicly spoken about the name, and a different executive has highlighted the challenges of making your own operating system. One of them will be providing incentives to developers and giving them encouragement to start making apps for this platform, thus breaking free of the Android platform. With Google no longer doing business with Huawei, the latter might have switched to the fifth gear in development of HongMeng OS. Omar Sohail/@wccftechdotcom

Source: verge, full story, Wccftech, Global Times


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