Can Huawei Make A Phone Without US Parts?

New York (The Verge) — Can Huawei make a phone without US parts?….

Google, Qualcomm, Intel, and others have cut ties with Huawei, per an executive order by the federal government. Can Huawei make a phone without US parts? We dissect what makes the Huawei P30 Pro to see what needs to change.

Following an executive order that gives the federal government the power to block purchases of foreign-made technology deemed to be a security threat, Google announced that it had pulled Huawei’s license to use Android. Yesterday, Commerce softened the blow by issuing a license allowing Huawei three months to send software updates to existing devices, but even so, Intel, Qualcomm, and a number of other suppliers may be moving to cut the company off immediately.

The company has reportedly stockpiled enough US-made parts to last it anywhere from three months to a year, so it will have some time to prepare for the crisis. But at some point that stockpile will run out, and Huawei will be faced with a difficult choice: either find a way to manufacture a smartphone without US technology or exit the smartphone business entirely. Cameron Faulkner/@verge

Source: verge, full story


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