Chicago's Chinatown Is Getting A Massive New Neighbor. What Happens Next?; #Gentrification

(NPR) — Chinatowns around the country have become less Chinese as cities' urban cores become more gentrified. Will Chicago be next? @WBEZ

A megadevelopment is being built near Chinatown. Can the neighborhood survive? Experiences of other Chinatowns suggest it might not.

“The size of Chinatowns is shrinking,” said Anjan Chaudhry, director of community empowerment at the National Coalition for Asian Pacific American Community Development, in Washington D.C. The group has been helping Chinatowns across the country network and implement preservation strategies.

“The low-income communities who have lived there for a long time are being forced out, and they're being replaced with new residents who can afford to pay more for rent.”

Chaudhry said Chinatowns in Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles and even New York and San Francisco are affected.

Washington, D.C.'s Chinatown is just 20% Asian. It's become the poster child for the gentrification of Chinatowns.

Source: NPR, full story


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