@RuPaulsDragRace Season 11 Reunited — The Vanjie Episode — Is Solid

“RuPaul’s Drag Race – Reunited” is very filling and satisfying to watch.

I like this new format. In past seasons, from season 1 to 4, the reunion aired after the finale. And from seasons 5 to 8, the reunion was one of the highlights in the finale. Up until season 8, Drag Race aired a recap episode a week before the finale — where RuPaul, and sometimes with special guests, discuss highlights of previous episodes, and show never seen before footage. It's like a filler episode before the finale.

Since season 9, the show replaced the usual recap with “Reunited” — where RuPaul and all the contestants gather to talk about season highlights, conspiracies, conflicts, drama, reconciliation, and share updates about their experiences since appearing on the show. The finale format was also changed with the introduction of the “lip sync smackdown” — where the top four contestants compete in a back-to-back lip sync following a tournament bracket format to determine the winner.

These changes made gave previously eliminated contestants more screen time, while the finale is more about the top four. And frankly my dear, it's genius!

Miss Vanjie, the third contestant ever to be invited back, the other two being Cynthia Lee Fontaine and Eureka O'Hara – got a lot of screen time, while Ariel Versace manage to talk over and ignore RuPaul, even after being asked to stop talking. So much drama in this episode. We learned that she and Brooke Lynn Hytes dated four months after the show but decided to quit… because of… irreconcilable differences (for now).

Ariel Versace's wig-gate is kind of solved but not really. Silky Nutmeg Ganache is still a bit annoying, but it's good to know she's mending fences with some of the other Queens. Scarlet Envy was surprised she was “hated” by some of the other Queens. Nina West got a shout out from a fan. Mercedes Iman Diamond is making great progress with her family on acceptance, which made the other cast teary-eyed. Kahanna Montrese called out Plastique Tiara on her “pop culture” knowledge. A'Keria C. Davenport denied to RuPaul’s face that she didn't stir the pot in the Werk Room (she did, in fact). Yvie Oddly and Silky sort of reconciled. And Nina West read Soju and her cyst down to the grown.

“Miss Congeniality” was not announced in the Reunion. It's obviously going to be part of the finale… also a good move.

So all in all, it's a pretty good episode. I still have no complaints about this season… aside from the eye-roll-worthy eliminations. But that's just how the show ticks.

Lastly, I like it that they're tweaking the show here and there, and the changes all make sense. One more episode to go! Then we switch gears to All Stars.

Good luck top 4!

New teeth, who dis? @vanessavanjie #DragRace

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