Alaska Thunderfuck (@Alaska5000) Pulled A Beyoncé And Surprise-Dropped “Exciting” New Album, “Vagina”

If you haven't listened to @Alaska5000's new album 'Vagina,' then you're not doing drag!

Your Memorial Day weekend soundtrack has arrived!

Yep, the All Stars Season 2 winner pulled a Beyoncé and surprise-dropped an “exciting” full-length album.

“Vagina is a return to form for classic Alaska Thunderfuck music,” the tea-spilling snake queen says about the new release. “Hard electronic beats, songs about taboo body parts and lewd sexual acts, some total nonsense, and of course lots and lots of swear words. But within all of this filth and frivolity, I hope some real meaning is able to seep through.”

Alaska explains that this album is called Vagina “because it continues a movement through the chakras of the body.”

Source: RuPaulsDragRace, post


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