#Music: Child, @Honey_Davenport’s “Worship Me” Single Will Give You The Life You Seek

I’m all over @Honey_Davenport ‘s new song like bees on honey! Watch Worship Me! Cute video:

Honey Davenport x Orion “Worship Me” Honey Davenport LLC VIDEO CREDITS Directed By: Orion Edited By:Cheyenne Picardo Director of Photography: Daniel Vega-War…

Honey Davenport's “Worship Me” song is so beautiful, tongue-in-cheek, and angelic! The video is so well done, it's like The Carpenters meets ABBA meets Woodstock meets Barbra Streisand meets James Bond opening credits meets The Beatles meets everyyhing 60's. It's giving me all sorts of retro vibes (like 1960's), sending chills down my spine. Yes girl, yes!!!

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