“Ad Astra” Trailer Sees Brad Pitt Embark On An Interstellar Mission; #AdAstra

Los Angeles, CA (Variety) — Brad Pitt is launching into the stratosphere in the first trailer for “Ad Astra.” The dazzling sci-fi drama stars Pitt as an astronaut who travels on an interstellar mission to search for his missing father.

The new footage begins with Pitt's character, Roy McBride, praising his father, who never returned from a voyage to search for signs of extra-terrestrial life.

“I do what I do because of my dad,” he says. “He was a hero. He gave his life for the pursuit of knowledge.”

The clip cuts to McBride, who wakes up in a hospital room after free-falling from dizzying heights when his space mission seemingly goes astray.

“It's crazy out there,” his wife, played by Liv Tyler, says. “There's fires everywhere and plane crashes. They're calling it a surge.”

The astronaut is soon called to compete a mission to save the planet.
“Your father was experimenting with a highly classified material that could threaten our entire solar system,” a fellow astronaut (John Finn) tells him. “All life would be destroyed. We’re counting on you to find out what’s happening out there.”
“The Lost City of Z” filmmaker James Gray directed “Ad Astra” from a … Mackenzie Nichols/@Variety

Source: Variety, full story


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