#Music @DearisDoll “แม่ก็คือแม่ (Mother)”; #DragRaceTH #Thailand

เตรียมพบกับ single เดี่ยวเพลงแรกของ Dearis Doll ได้ในวันศุกร์ที่ 7 มิ.ย. นี้ เวลา 20.00 น.
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Dearis Doll, star of “Drag Race Thailand” season 1 top 3, just released her debut single, “แม่ก็คือแม่ (Mother)”.

On the show, Dearis Doll is the funny, outrageous contestant that stood out for all the right and shady reasons. We had the great opportunity to connect with her during the course of her season, and she’s amazing. On the runway, she slayed the competition with her creativity and dancing prowess. Her debut single, “แม่ก็คือแม่ (Mother)”, proves she’s got more to offer. It’s mostly in Thai (we’re looking forward to an all-English version) but it’s very upbeat, danceable and really well done. You don’t need a translator to enjoy this song. Condragulations Dearis Doll!

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