#RuPaul Reads The Straight #Pride Parade, Trump’s #LGBTQ Tweets

“Actions speak louder than tweets,” @RuPaul told the ladies at @TheView.

“I don’t even want to pay any attention to that old fool.”

“We go back to the ego,” the Emmy-winning RuPaul’s Drag Race host explains to the ladies, “how the ego wants to say, ‘Oh, um, I have a question! Pay attention to me! Um, hello! Is anybody watching me?’”

“It’s Pride season,” he continues. “We’re talking about shame. We want to sort of balance the conversation by giving people pride. But the truth is, the opposite of shame isn’t pride. The opposite of shame is love.”

“So what we are doing is calling attention to love. That’s the key to the Pride celebration.”

Source: NewNowNext, article


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