The #US #Army Will Test A New #GPS That’s Resistant To #Jamming This Fall

New York (The Verge) — The US Army will test a new GPS that’s resistant to jamming this fall….

This fall, the US Army will test a jam-resistant GPS to try and overcome the problem, Breaking Defense, following suspicions that Russia has jammed GPS signals in Europe and elsewhere.

GPS jamming can be a major liability for US and allied forces, which depend on the system for everything from troop movement to missile and drone guidance. Last fall, the US and NATO allies launched a major joint exercise in Norway called Trident Juncture, to test the joint readiness and training of a large, multinational coalition. Over the course of the exercise, the military noticed that GPS signals were being jammed, which Finland and Norway officials attributed to Russia. In April 2018, US officials saidthat the Russian military had been jamming the GPS systems for is drones operating in Syria. Andrew Liptak/@verge

Source: verge, full story


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