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Here we go again. A bunch of people making personal choices based on debatable criteria. This article is borderline click bait. When you claim “Most Powerful Drag Queens In America”, it begs a lot of questions. For instance, does it only take into account social media following, career success, or does it simply denotes career success. And net worth doesn't necessarily determine “power” — whatever kind of power that may be. We all know social media is not an accurate measure of reach (or popularity), with all the fake posers online. It doesn’t even necessarily translate into real tangible results – like bookings or sales.

When we talk about “(drag) power,” it’s more about their contributions to the LGBT community and society as a whole. To an extent, maybe include media clout and the ability to rally people to further a cause or engage people in a discussion.

The list is hardly scientific.

No offense to the Queens on the list, because most of them (not all) are top notch Drag Race alums, who has been very successful in their careers since appearing on the multi-Emmy award winning show. The title itself leaves out real trailblazers who are not Ru Girls, Queens who opened doors and paved the way for these Ru Girls to do the things they do. It marginalize Queens who hasn't appeared on the show, making them seem cheap. And frankly, their success can be attributed to the success of the show itself and RuPaul.

“RuPaul’s Drag Race” and its alums has been making a lot of effort to recognise Queens who hasn't appeared on the show. In drag shows, they often give shout outs to local Queens and encourage the audience to support them as well. This article in many ways negates all that.

Although the Queens in the list deserves all the success in their careers, and we're happy for them and wish all of them well, unfortunately, they're being misclassified, taken advantage of for reader reach, and frankly are being propped up on a pedestal that's intended for someone else.

It's simply misleading. Perhaps, a title that says, “Vultures' Top X RuPaul’s Drag Race Alums”, would've been more palatable.

vulture.com/2019/06/most-p… * I WAS NOT AVAILABLE FOR A PHOTO……… and after seeing the pics…. I AM GLAD.

After talking to talent agents and managers, club bookers, and producers, we determined America’s top-100 Drag Race superstars, including Bianca del Rio, Shangela, Courtney Act, Trixie Mattel, Alyssa Edwards, Adore Delano and more.

Here, after talking to talent agents and managers, club bookers, and Drag Race producers, as well as studying social-media influence, career longevity, and each queen’s “charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent,” we rank America’s top-100 Drag Race superstars. The Editors/@TheBiancaDelRio

Source: TheBiancaDelRio, post, NY Mag

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