Jupiter Will Appear Its Biggest, Brightest, And Most Visible This Week

(TIME) — Jupiter will appear its biggest, brightest and most visible this week. This is the best way to see it.

Here is why Jupiter is so bright this month, and when and where the best place is to see it.

Aside from the Sun, Jupiter is the largest celestial body in our solar system. Despite its size, the massive gas giant is usually the second brightest planet in the sky, behind the much closer planet Venus. But once a year, when Jupiter and Earth reach their closest proximity and align with one another in orbit, Jupiter will appear to outshine Venus as it rises high in the evening sky. The distance between the Earth and Jupiter varies widely throughout the year, due to the distance and speed at which the planets orbit the sun. (It takes Jupiter approximately 12 earth years to orbit the sun.) Since all the planets in the solar system orbit the sun on the same plane, imagine them as runners on a track going at varying speeds.

Source: TIME, full story


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