Unapologetic, Unswayed By Backlash, New York Magazine Intentionally Conjured The List For Attention; #LGBT #Pride

Concocting a misleading title, writing inaccurate bios, producing unflattering photos are anything BUT respectful. If this is New York Magazine's journalism standard, then they're no better than run-of-the-mill tabloid trash. How can they sit back and say this is the best they can do? They seem to be enjoying the attention, at the expense of the LGBT community … on PRIDE MONTH!

Some members of the community argue that bad publicity is still good publicity. Well, not in this case. “Good publicity, bad publicity is still good publicity,” is a mantra only good for an individual. It's different when you're talking about a bad article that impacts a whole community, it's misinformation, fake news.

At a time when some LGBT gains are being rolled back, it's important for members of the community to stay vigilant, and resist misinformation, including media exploitation.This year's 50th Stonewall Inn anniversary is a reminder that we've come a long way as a community, and that there are still hurdles we need to overcome, and this stunt by New York Magazine is something we don't need and want!

Drag Queens who are featured on the article should reevaluate their involvement ,and perhaps rethink their support for it. You're better than this!

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“In terms of the rankings, the ‘power list’ is a longstanding treatment at our magazine & others, that we recognise will be debated & argued over”—@NYMag bb7.ca/vmsh

It's clear they simply want the attention. Sloppy journalism isn't respectful!

New York Magazine property Vulture, which publishes entertainment news, ran a ranking of 100 former “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contestants online and in-print Monday called “The Most Powerful Drag Queens in America.”

In a statement, a New York Media spokesperson told INSIDER, “We’re proud to have published award-winning photographer Martin Schoeller’s instantly-iconic portraits, and to have had the opportunity to make a set of pictures that celebrates and recognises the influence the ‘Drag Race’contestants have had on American culture. In terms of the rankings, the ‘power list’ is a longstanding treatment at our magazine and others, that we recognise will be debated and argued over (just as viewers might disagree with RuPaul’s decisions on Drag Race). We approached the rankings with great enthusiasm, respect, and admiration.” Kat Tenbarge/@bluebay700

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