@Vulture's “Drag List” Is “Tacky And Unnecessary”, Says @ThePandoraBoxx; #DragRace #LGBT #Pride

While some Queens who were included in New York Magazine's cover (for their issue which includes “The Most Powerful Drag Queens In America” article) are basking on their feature, others have voiced their concerns on the misleading and inaccurate article.

Others, like Honey Davenport, who initially showed support for the article had a changed of heart after realizing its negative impact on the community.

While on the show, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” alums often talk about community representation, becoming role models in the LGBT community, or furthering LGBT causes. When they talk about the horrors they experienced from being marginalized and abused for being different, they cry and console each other. It's a very powerful moment to watch. One would deduce that they're sensitive to LGBT issues. The show even has challenges that's specifically meant to remind and educate viewers, and the contestants, on what LGBT torch bearers had to fight for and suffer in order for us to enjoy some of the freedoms we enjoy now. Judging from the revelry by some of the featured Queens, it seems all the sentimental moments and promises were nothing more than an act for the cameras to record… they were superficial.

As beneficiaries of LGBT trailblazers' efforts, the least we can do is show some respect and reject those who are bent at manipulating their narrative (our narrative) and from those who are only interested to exploit us.

It's disheartening to see that some people still don't get it. It's all face value and publicity. Is this the legacy the new generation, our generation, will leave behind? Who cares about integrity and respect when you've got your five minutes of fame, right?

We are fortunate that some Queens like Trinity The Tuck, Bob The Drag Queen, Monet X Change, Honey Davenport, Phi Phi O'Hara, and Pandora Boxx, to name a few, have the wisdom to stand up and reject this mockery.

All of these people should publicly apologize for being associated with something so tacky and unnecessary. Especially, during Pride Month. Drag queens should have just been celebrated NOT ranked in a shabby, ill-informed way.

Source: ThePandoraBoxx


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