@NinaWest Took To Twitter To Convey Gratitude And Address Public Response To “The View” Interview, Calls For Productive Conversation; #LGBT #Pride #DragRace

PressASAP-NinaWest-TheViewI am trying to find the words for how i feel right now reading peoples’ tweets and responses on to the interview that @monetxchange @AdoreDelano and myself did with @MeghanMcCain yesterday.

I am baffled at the sheer lack of willingness to come to this *productive* conversation. I am almost certain that most of you raising issue with the conversation didn’t even bother to watch it, or the content held within.

But still, you want to cry foul. And i understand your response. I do. But most of you found issue before the conversation even took place.

Even moreover, I am troubled by peoples’ claims that they themselves are open-minded but then find the complete lack of willingness to sit down with someone who may not agree with you on every issue.

With that said, @TheView and @MeghanMcCain opened their doors and their platform to drag queens – which is a first. And I am proud that I was able to sit in that space, talk about my community with incredible people, and, in the process, reach people who have never been…exposed to drag, queer thought, or even ideas AND ideals of pride before this. There are many ways to fight and protest and activate, and I chose, in this particular instance, to sit down and have a conversation. And I know from the far more overwhelmingly POSITIVE RESPONSE… that this interview definitely has helped change hearts and minds. And for me, after two years under the Trump administration of pointing fingers and yelling, which, in my opinion, has become far too toxic and commonplace, it was refreshing to see people with differing perspectives sit down and talk. I want a seat at the table for all of us, and an enormous gesture was made to do allow our voices to be amplified even more. I will not apologize for it. The fight continues, and I will continue to do the work.


I hope you will allow for a more open-minded conversation that furthers our strength and pride in the queer and LGBTQIA community. We are a diverse community with diverse voices and perspectives.

There is always a time and place for shouting and resistance – but sometimes sitting down and sharing in our inevitable humanity can also serve as a catalyst for meaningful change.

Pride is about bringing more and more people into the fold – to our spaces to see our legitimacy and hear our stories.

We don’t cower back or allow those people to take over or manipulate our places; rather we invite the masses into a visit.

Happy Pride. And again, thank you to @TheView for this very important conversation. Thank you @MeghanMcCain for hosting us and allowing for your own vulnerability. And thank you to everyone who watched with an open mind.Nina West

Source: NinaWest, @solamentenic, @MeghanMcCain


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