#Pride: ”Most Powerful Drag Queens“, Reject False Narratives! — Drag Herstory 101, Lest We Forget; #LGBT #Drag


The “Most Powerful Drag Queens In America” has pitted the LGBT community against each other. And New York Magazine defended its publication as show of “respect” and “admiration,” where in fact it’s anything but. It’s a dirty tactic designed to rile a community and sow misinformation.

What’s more sad than the bad photos, inaccurate blurbs, arbitrary ranking and misleading title are members of the community (and even those who are included in the ranking) who fail to see what the article is doing beyond face value… beyond the free publicity.

It’s funny when rankings are done on the show, because we all know where it’s coming from and what the show’s intentions are. It’s a different story when a popular magazine sows misinformation to a wider audience, who may not be well versed with “RuPaul’s Drag Race” or drag, and think the article is factual, because it’s not.

Furthermore, aside from all the jokes and drama, Drag Race makes a lot of effort, through challenges and history lessons, to educate its viewers about the LGBT community and history of drag.

Some things are indeed a joke, but not this one. A community’s narrative is being re-written. Wake the fuck up!


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