STUDY: Less Processed Meat, More Plant-Based Foods May Boost Longevity; #Health #Wellness #Diet

(NPR) — Overall, those who increased their intake of processed red meat by about 3.5 servings a week had about a 13 percent higher risk of death during the study's eight-year follow-up period.

A new study of 80,000 people finds that those who ate the most red meat — especially processed meats such as bacon and hot dogs — had a higher risk of premature death compared with those who ate less.

A diet that includes plenty of nuts, seeds, fish, vegetables and whole grains — and perhaps up to an egg a day — appears to be better than a diet rich in red meat, especially processed meats such as bacon and hot dogs.

Already a large body of evidence links processed red meats to an increased risk of heart disease, Type 2 diabetes andcertain cancers.

And this new study, which included about 80,000 men and women, finds that limiting red and processed meats may help reduce the risk of premature death.

Source: NPR, full story


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