“Why It’s Hard To Leave Facebook?” — The Verge. It's Not That Difficult

The trade-off from leaving Facebook is very high. Leaving Facebook means taking back control of your privacy, getting rid of unnecessary stress from the Me-Me-Me rush, foregoing needless squabbles, and removing oneself from corporate exploitation and manipulation.

Facebook these days has become a symbol of mass exploitation and manipulation. It's a company who is in it to make profit, and its users are its product.

There are other means of staying connected to people while maintaining privacy, there's e-mail or even other social media channels that aren't as intrusive, like Twitter. If you want to be heard or produce content, the best you can do is take ownership of your digital assets and start your own site, like starting a blog or WordPress site.

In the end, everyone needs to sort out their priorities. If giving up your privacy and personal information is worth the attention, so be it.

Facebook is the worst, but it can still be controlled

Source: verge


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