#Zaldy: When Dressing @RuPaul For “@RuPaulsDragRace,” Rules Don’t Apply — But Certain Needs Do

LAX / JFK (RuPaul) — When dressing RuPaul for #DragRace rules don’t apply, says two-time Emmy winner Zaldy— but certain needs do latimes.com/entertainment/….

Fashion designer Zaldy is always considering new looks for RuPaul and her many appearances on “Drag Race” and beyond.

Zaldy has now won two consecutive Emmys in the costumes for a variety, nonfiction or reality category as well as the inaugural honor from the Costume Design Guild Awards this past February. He admits he was humbled by the recognition from his peers. It was a long time coming considering the New York based designer has been working with the likes of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga and Britney Spears for years. But in the end, it always comes back to RuPaul.

Longtime fans of the series noticed a big change for the 11th season of “Drag Race.” Zaldy notes, “We love a classic Ru gown, and we always do that because it is that iconic image of RuPaul. But it’s been really fun to sort of play around a little bit more this time.” That playing around meant for the first time in years, suddenly RuPaul was showing leg. That decision was thrilling for Zaldy, but he admits the short dresses that popped up weren’t his favorite design of the cycle.

“It’s like that character is a real client,” Zaldy says. “And for a long, long time it was just like, ‘No, I want to wear a long gown.’ That was the thing, and so it surprised everybody when all of a sudden Ru wanted to wear one of the short gowns.” Gregory Ellwood/@RuPaul

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