#Internet #Outages Are Getting More Serious — Is False

The internet is the vast collection of interconnected networks, and social media is just part of it. Facebook maybe dominating social media, but it and Google combined are not the internet. Outages are not uncommon, they are a natural occurrence on the web. Some last for milliseconds, others for hours or days on end. So let's not exaggerate things.

New York (The Verge) — Internet outages are getting more serious theverge.com/interface/2019….

It’s fun to joke when Facebook goes down — but it can have real consequences. A government-manded internet blackout in Myanmar shows why

The official explanation for the outage was that the aforementioned routine maintenance operation “triggered an issue,” so hopefully that clears things up. As discussion of the outage hit its peak, Twitter’s direct message feature stopped working, though in fairness Twitter never actually did say what caused the DM problem.

A silver lining to the outage was that it made some typically hidden parts of Facebook briefly visible. Most notably, it gave users a glimpse at the automated captions that Facebook creates using machine learning — a valuable accessibility feature for visually impaired people. Casey Newton/@verge

Source: verge, full story


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