#UK: #Influencers With 30K Followers Or More Are Subject To #Advertising #Rules; #socialmedia #regulation

New York (The Verge) — Having 30,000 followers makes you a celebrity, UK advertising watchdog rules theverge.com/2019/7/4/20682….

The one time it might be ok to obsess over your follower count

The regulator came to the decision after an Instagram user with 32,000 followers, ThisMamaLife, posted an ad for Phenergan Night Time sleeping tablets. Although they disclosed that the post was an ad at the beginning of its description, the ASA ruled that their follower count made them a celebrity, and thus banned from drug endorsements in the UK.

Initially Sanofi, the drug company that had paid for the ad, argued that ThisMamaLife had a comparatively small following compared to more established celebrities. However, the ASA said that the rules apply to anyone with over 30,000 followers. For the ASA, anyone with 32 thousand followers or 32 million followers will be treated the same.

“We noted Sanofi’s argument regarding the comparatively low number of followers ThisMamaLife had in contrast to notable celebrities,” the ASA said in its ruling, “However, we considered that over 30,000 followers indicated that she had the attention of a significant number of people. Given that she was popular with, and had the attention of a large audience, we considered that ThisMamaLife was a celebrity for the purposes of the CAP Code.” Jon Porter/@verge

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