#Health #Diet: Why We Don’t Need Animals To Keep Enjoying Meat? — Says The Salesman

Follow the money.

This guy maybe talking about being vegan and climate change, but if you look deep enough, he's just another salesman trying to push his products… in a vegan wrapper.

Problem is excess. Veganism is NOT the answer to climate change or food shortage, it's MODERATION.

If people eat the right kind & amount of food their body needs, it'll solve more than just food shortage. It'll eradicate obesity & diseases associated with it, like diabetes and heart disease.

People eat too damn much, and drink too much beverage their body don't need. There's also often too much leftovers.

If people just eat right, then we don't have to slaughter more cows, chickens, or what have you. Just think, the recommended red meat consumption is one serving a month. It's easy to assume a lot of people eat more than this.

Veganism isn't really economical either, nor is it sustainable. Yes, some people have to do it for health constraints. However, denying our body the nutrients it has evolved to processes can be detrimental. So vegans are left with consuming alternative food and supplements. Supplements that take energy and resources to manufacture. Alternative food that also requires resources to produce, even extra effort to grow and prepare. How is that earth—friendly?

But… if people eat less, there will be enough food for everyone. And our health care system won't be bogged down by problems borne from undesirable health habits.

Lastly, when was the last time we heard of a “health advocate” not trying to sell shit? Hard to come by, isn't it?

(TIME) — “It dawned on me that if we want to solve climate, we have to solve livestock,” says Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown.

Beyond Meat CEO Ethan Brown discusses solving the livestock problem and reimagining the burger

For me it wasn’t wildly different to think about how we create food to fuel our body that has less impact on the earth–it was simply a question of energy use. I began to understand the role livestock plays in climate. It’s not necessarily just the car you drive or the light bulb you screw in. It’s also very much the protein you put in the center of your plate. It dawned on me that if we want to solve climate, we have to solve livestock. And we were having these discussions over steak.

Source: TIME, full story


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