#Health #Fitness: Is Our Obsession With Health Data Making Us Crazy? — No. But…

Knowing more about your vitals is a good thing, because it will help keep you in tip top shape. The real problem is where the health data collected by wearables end up and what companies are doing to them.

Your blood pressure, heart rate, workout activities are as sensitive as your health records.

Sharing them with big technology companies is the last thing anyone should do. It opens up the data for abuse and exploitation.

So if you own wearables, keep your health records offline.

Tracking your health habits is a good thing. It'll be help you and your family doctor tune your health goals. It provides additional information in solving health problems.

(TIME) — Is our obsession with health data making us crazy?

Health and fitness trackers allow us to have plenty of health data, but the obsession with health and fitness might be bad for us.

In a culture where wellness junkies use apps, websites and wearables to monitor every morsel that passes their lips, every step they take, every beat of their hearts, their sleep cycles, and their fitness progress, we have health insights we’ve never had before. But Dr. George Zgourides, a Texas-based psychologist, family medicine doctor and author of the 2002 book Stop Worrying About Your Health, says these boundless data can contribute to a culture of health anxiety.

Source: TIME, full story


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