High-Yield #Hydroponics #Farm At #Brownsville Collaborative Middle School Supply Weekly Fresh Produce To Cafeteria And Community

(NPR) — Students at a Brooklyn middle school built a hydroponic farm inside a classroom and harvest dozens of pounds of produce each week.

They sell some of it –– at discounted rates –– to community members through a weekly food box service.

In neighborhoods with limited access to healthy foods, school gardens can help close the gap — for students and the wider community. Some schools are now expanding the season by growing indoors.

The vegetables never stop coming because the crops are grown hydroponically — indoors, on floor-to-ceiling shelves that hold seedlings and plants sprouting from fiber plugs stuck in trays, each fed by nutrient-enriched water and lit by LED lamps. The students provide weekly produce for their cafeteria's salad bar and other dishes.

Source: NPR, full story


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