Drag Race Canada Kicked Off With An All-Inclusive Casting Call; #DragRace #Canada #LGBT

DragRace-Canada-Season1Crave’s “Drag Race Canada” officially kicked off its casting today in search for the very first Canada’s Drag Superstar! Drag Race Canada is only open to Canadian citizens and Permanent Residents, and must be nineteen years of age (by September 1, 2019). Casting is open to all genders, just like Drag Race Thailand Season 2. So it is possible to expect Drag Kings, Bio Queens other than Drag Queens.

Canada’s drag scene exploded four years ago. Thanks to the rising popularity of RuPaul’s Drag Race and YouTube vlogging — like make-up tutorials and drag tips in general — aspiring drag artists are able to jump-start their passion with lots of readily available information. Neophyte drag queens come out from the wood works already looking polished. This was evident in Vancouver’s Next Drag Superstar (VNDS) competition. Drag queens and drag Kings elevated their craft, performances and illusions year-after-year.


Vancouver has several drag artists to look forward to making it on the show, like Jane Smoker, ILONA, Raye Sunshine, Adam Zapple, Jo Durée, Cleopatra Compton, Eva Scarlett, to name a few. Many of the local Queens in Vancouver got their drag boot camp from VNDS, which should help them in some way on the show, if they get cast.

One thing’s for sure, Canada doesn’t have as many drag entertainers compared to the United States (just by population alone). Which should bode well for aspiring drag artists to make it on the show at some point in the future.

But for this first season, the competition to make on the cast will be fierce and severe, because a lot of these bitches have been waiting for so long… and they’re hungry… no, wait, … they’re starving! To get on Drag Race.

I for one have been wondering about when Canada is going to get its own version of Drag Race since 2013. It’s going to be an exciting first season for sure.

Crave’s “Drag Race Canada” is slated to air in 2020.

Casting info and form can be accessed from here.


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