#Vaccinated Woman's Death Exposes The Threat Of Anti-Vaxxers

London (The Guardian) — How a vaccinated woman's death exposes the threat of anti-vaxxers.

In an exclusive interview, Catherine Montantes’s mother details her daughter’s death from measles, a disease called ‘harmless’ by anti-vaxxers

When she stepped into the Lower Elwha tribal health clinic in Port Angeles, Washington, she had no idea she arrived just an hour after a 52-year-old infected with measles. The virus is one of the most contagious and can live on infected surfaces for up to two hours.

Vaccine hesitancy was named a top 10 global health threat by the World Health Organization this year. By this April, measles cases had risen 300%. In its decision to call vaccine hesitancy a global health threat, the WHO attributed the virus’s rise, in part, to people declining or delaying vaccines despite their availability.
Although reasons to decline vaccines are often multi-faceted, in the United States the rise of misinformation spread through social media by anti-vaxxers has played a prominent role in one of the worst measles outbreaks in nearly a decade. Jessica Glenza/@guardian

Source: guardian, full story


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