#socialmedia: #Instagram Is About To Rollout Its Anti-Bullying Feature — Restrict

Why not simply block the bully, cut that unwanted connection in your life and move on? It seems like the feature, at first glance, will likely drag the conflict for perpetuity until one buckles. Blocking an account meant they won't be able to send direct messages nor see your account. Why even bother monitor them? One thing that is also missing here is to give the subject the opportunity to deal with the bully on their own, and learn from it. Develop some coping skills instead of relying on society to babysit them. We all experience this growing up, in one way or another. People being people, this will never go away. That's a fact. Teaching kids how to do deal with it — like distancing themselves from the source instead of playing mind games or cat and mouse — on their own time and their own terms will help them in the long-term, instead of having to hold their hands for life.

If you're being bullied online so much, log out and block the offending account. You're being harassed in person? Call the cops, get a restraining order.

(TIME) — What to know about 'Restrict,' Instagram's new anti-bullying feature.

Restrict will give users a clandestine way of keeping online bullies in check

There are already some options for dealing with bullies on the platform, like flagging content that will be sent to moderators for review. But in user research, Instagram has found that teenagers — a demographic at high risk — are reluctant to report or block peers who bully them. “They are often seen as very harsh options,” says Francesco Fogu, a designer who works on well-being. Both can betray hurt feelings. And while blocking a bully essentially shuts down contact between two accounts, it also means that a user can no longer monitor what the bully is doing.

Restrict is also designed to create “friction” when it comes to tags and mentions, “to make it harder for a bully to find you and to harass you,” Fogu says. Normally, Instagram will automatically suggest handles when someone is trying to tag or mention another user. If a bully is trying to tag a user who has restricted them, however, they’ll have to know the user’s handle and type it out completely.

Source: TIME, full story


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