#DeltaWork, The #Emmys, Giving Due Credit And The Not-So-Rosy Side Of The Awards Industry; #DragRace

We're astounded at the amazing feat “RuPaul's Drag Race” and company has achieved in this year's Emmy nomination. Fourteen nominations says a lot about a niche show that is trying to sell itself as “mainstream” but in reality it's not — the perception is smoke and mirrors, brought about by the wave of popular opinion that's making the LGBT sound hip and fashionable, even with the on-going discrimination and curtailing of rights and freedoms, courtesy of the current administration.

Immediately after the announcement, what became apparent was the exclusion of Drag Race alums turned production crew, Raven and Delta Work. The two were brought on board when Mathu Andersen abruptly left show in season 9 in the middle of production. Raven took over RuPaul's makeup while Delta Work did hairstyling. As a result, when the show was nominated for an Emmy the past couple of years, they were both nominated in their categories: “Outstanding Makeup (non-prosthetic)” and “Outstanding Hairstyling” respectively. Delta Work won last year, and graciously acknowledged Mathu Anderson — he should've gotten an Emmy for his amazing work on RuPaul over the years, as the “monter” (as he and RuPaul refers to his persona in drag) is his creation. Their exclusion in the list of nominees were brow raising.

Delta Work, whose a straight up no-bullshit frank person, spilled all the tea on her Instagram. Her explanation revealed chronic shortcomings from the production company (World of Wonder) and The Television Academy. One can only surmise that the politics in Hollywood and the awards industry is severe and cutthroat.

Basically Emmy nominations for the category of Outstanding Hairstyling for a Multi-Camera Series (non-prosthetic) which is what this show qualifies for, is based on work for the judging panel alone. It includes personal hairstylists to the judges and hourly hair and makeup artists responsible for the grooming of what is referred to as on camera ‘talent.’ Unfortunately the criteria has always excluded any and all hair and or makeup commissioned for reality show ‘contestants’ as they are technically responsible for their own grooming. Any hair or makeup artistry commissioned for an episodic appearance is considered along the lines of ‘prop.’ These are not my words and not my preference just my translation of the guidelines. I was listed as department head of hair from 2017-2019. Hector Pocasangre worked on the show as a personal hairstylist to Michelle Visage. We won the Emmy in 2018 together as the only two people in the department. This year he is the lone recipient of the nomination because according to the @televisionacad my title as Creative Producer and Department ahead of Hairstyling is irrelevant and does not meet the criteria of ‘hairstylist.’ Mind you, I was nominated two years in a row and won with that title. The Academy says that this was a rule the production company was supposed to abide by but never did. So…collateral damage tea.Delta Work/Instagram

It's discouraging to see this happening from a show that prides itself from integrity and doing the right thing.

Fortunately for Delta, she manage to snag an Emmy last year, at great expense… she was let go soon after.

Without social media, these things wouldn't bubble up unless it's covered by the media. Hopefully, this kind of chatter will convince the bosses to make some changes, and do the right thing. But don't hold your breath.

#Repost @THEEEDeltaWork – Here is the episode the production company chose and submitted for ‘Outstanding Hairstyling for a Multi-Camera Series (Non-Prosthetic) for @rupaulsdragrace. Best of luck to the production….

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