@GayTimesMag : Yvie Oddly (@OddlyYvie) Issues Apology Over Controversial “Seflie” Tweets; #DragRace #LGBT

PressASAP_gaytimesmag-1153299909308817408.pngThere's a lot of lessons to be learned here. It's a fine line between being nice to fans and avoid being abused by them. Fans are pretty much the bread and butter of stars. A few photos surely won't hurt, granting, Drag Race personalities now charge exorbitant fees for shows and VIP meet and greet. Sometimes the fees, but not often, are unjustifiable in terms of value.

Yvie Oddly may have come across as a total diva by refusing to take photos with fans after a show – some queens actually mingle after a show – but also commendable for realizing her shortcoming, apologizing, and promising to do better.

Drag Race star Yvie Oddly issues apology to fans over controversial tweets.


The queen – who won the 11th season of Drag Race – caused “quite the stir” on Twitter after telling fans that she will refuse to take photos after a show.

My previous tweet caused quite the stir. I want to take the opportunity to have a conversation that is important for our community. First, we as queens need to listen when our fans feel disrespected. If anyone felt disrespected or unappreciated, I sincerely apologize.

I do truly love my fans and take it very seriously to show gratitude for their support and enjoy meeting them. I take responsibility in falling short in this, and I’m deeply sorry if it’s come off that I don’t care, or am not grateful.

Now, just as the queens have the responsibility to respect their fans, the fans have the responsibility to respect the queens’ boundaries, simple as that. ♥️

Yvie Oddly/Twitter

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