Just Released New Social Sharing Function – #ShareThis

Social media is such a fluid erratic ecosystem, platforms come and go “overnight.” Remember MySpace, Google Plus? In line with our on-going effort to reduce our reliance on third-party vendors, we’ve just rolled out our new social media sharing button, aptly named Share This.


“Share This” can be found at the bottom of articles. It creates a short shareable text you can copy in merely three taps, that is, if you include the last tap to close the dialog. You can then post the text in your social media. It includes context, topic and a short link. It’s short enough so you can post it on Twitter – where tweets has length limits.


What the tool doesn’t do is launch a new window and ask a bunch of information to connect to your social media. No, we don’t do that. Where you’re going to share the information is up to you — Twitter, Facebook, Forums, etc. Privacy is important to us… anony-nini-mity is something we strive for. We’re just glad you’re here and sharing our articles directly from us.

So if you feel like sharing, go ahead.


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