#YouTube’s “creator-on-creator” #Harassment #Policy Could Affect Commentary Videos; #VLOG #socialmedia

New York (The Verge) — YouTube’s “creator-on-creator” harassment policy could affect commentary videos theverge.com/2019/8/5/20754….

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki indicated that certain types of commentary videos and online punditry could be in trouble as the company prepares to institute a new policy around “creator-on-creator” harassment. YouTube faced criticism recently after neglecting to take action against one pundit’s channel after he made homophobic comments about another YouTube personality.

YouTube videos that involve creators talking about and critiquing other creators, generally called commentary or “tea channels,” have become increasingly common. Some of it’s funny, smart commentary that includes jokes about someone’s content. But a lot of it isn’t, and these videos can turn into hurtful jabs at creators. In June, Vox host Carlos Maza kickstarted a conversation about creator-on-creator harassment after tweeting a lengthy thread about the bullying he experienced by conservative pundit Steven Crowder, which YouTube later determined was acceptable conduct under its current rules. Wojcicki didn’t address Maza or Crowder specifically, but she spoke about instituting the new policy to address “problematic” content that YouTube’s team believes does not cross the line under current rules. Julia Alexander/@verge

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