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Award-winning LGBTQ dramedy “BATHROOM STALLS & PARKING LOTS” explores hooking up amidst the pulsing nightlife of San Francisco. On DVD & VOD September 10, “Bathroom Stalls & Parking Lots” follows a Brazilian transplant and his friends as they take to the streets of San Francisco to pursue an American fling begun on Grindr, doing whatever it takes, even if it means trekking through the seedy club scene with clandestine meetings in bathroom stalls and parking lots. Along the way, these men discover truths about themselves and the reality of modern dating. Featuring award-winning crew members including colorist Edo Brizio, (“Kong: Skull Island”, “Lego Batman”), and Russian music producer and DJ Same K, who composed the original soundtrack for the film, which features Cee Lo Green protégé queer-artist Dilmond Meeks and Terrell Carter – cast member of FOX’s Empire. Premiered at qFLIX Philadelphia where the film took home the Audience Award, as well as Best Picture and Best LGBT Film at IFS Film Festival.

Brazilian transplant Leo embarks on a trip to San Francisco when he finds out that his regular American fling, Totah, is also visiting the city. Upon arrival, he joins his friend, Donnie, on a quest through clubs in Film-Bathroom-Stalls-Parking-Lots The Castro District to force a casual encounter to show Totah that they could be compatible beyond the bedroom. Meanwhile, Donnie’s straight friend, Hunter, a hopeless romantic, tags along in an attempt to teach Leo how to turn a casual sex relationship into a more meaningful one. While bar hopping, following clues, and adventures into seedier venues, they face unforeseen obstacles that challenge the way they approach relationships in the modern day, and may even end up putting their own friendship at risk.

This is an audacious and daring story about an intimate underground gay culture. I wanted to make an original film that rings true to the community I’ part of, even if that comes with great challenges to being accepted, something that most of LGBT people faces at one point. But we found home at Breaking Glass, they made us welcomed, and gave us great support. They are brave distribution company that is not afraid to stand with underrepresented artists and connect our stories to passionate audiences. As a gay immigrant, it was essential for me to keep an authentic voice, and I’m very thrilled that Breaking Glass was bold enough to honor that and took the challenge of distributing the film.
— Thales Corrêa

The film explores dating in today’s hook-up culture. It analyses the process of connecting with someone through dating apps, and how that practice can turn relationships into disposable and meaningless experiences through time. Studies have shown how it can alter our psychological associations with men, sex, and love in general. The movie examines the subjects of expectations versus reality, emotional intelligence, and availability. It also questions love being as real as sex, and whether it has the same rules or not.


The movie centers on two main characters from Brazil, who have been living in the United States for a few years. While they interact and communicate with everyone around them in English, the two friends still use their native tongue, Portuguese, to speak to each other. That creates an interesting scenario that allows them to discuss private matters and share opinions about people right in front them who don’t understand their language.

This film takes a closer look at the culture of romantic relationships among gay/bisexual male youth in the Castro District of San Francisco. It’s a place where revelers often spill onto the sidewalks at numerous bars, like Twin Peaks Tavern, with its floor-to-ceiling windows, the lavish Castro Theatre and the GLBT Historical Museum.


Thales Corrêa – Director

THALES-CORRÊABrazilian-born Thales Corrêa is an award-winning Director, Writer and Producer based in Los Angeles. He attended UCLA film school and has directed a myriad of projects ranging from films, music videos, and PSAs, to sketches and TV episodes. The latest two short films he wrote and directed – Parents and Milvio – were screened at Festival de Cannes. ‘Parents’ ran the festival circuits in America and was sold to a cable network. Milvio won Best Short at San Diego International Kids Films Festival, as well as at LABRFF, and was officially selected to screen at Kansas City Film festival.

Mr. Corrêa works for Wild Eyes Productions, a veteran documentary production company that has sold documentaries to History, Discovery and Nat Geo. He is responsible for developing scripted projects under their brand-new company, Pier Avenue Films.


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