#Electric #Moped Startup #Revel Expands Into #Washington, #DC

Electric moped startup Revel expands into Washington, DC theverge.com/2019/8/13/2080….

400 Vespa-style rental scooters will start rolling out this weekend as part of a four-month pilot program. It costs $19 to sign up, $1 per ride, and $0.25 per minute.

Revel says it will roll out 400 of its mopeds in DC, almost half as many as the 1,000 currently on the streets of Brooklyn and Queens.

Pricing will be the same as it is in New York City. It costs $19 to sign up, the bulk of which Revel says goes to verifying each user’s driver’s license and history. Each ride costs $1 to start, and $0.25 per minute. Rides can be “paused” if the user wants to, say, run an errand and not have someone else nab the moped. That drops the price to $0.10 per minute. Sean O'Kane/@verge

Source: verge, article


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