The “Best” #Sports And #Exercises To Avoid #Injury; #Fitness

There is no such thing as “best sports and exercise” because each person is different. Some people may be better off with power-walking than jogging if they have knee problems. I for one run six times a week, for over a year now, and it’s been great. If your knee is hurting, use a knee support band. Keep your run time under three hours a week.

Just like most things, moderation is key. If you over exert yourself, you’ll be prone to injury. Give your body a chance to recover. Take one day of rest every week, that means zero workout.

What people need to do is simply use common sense.

(TIME) — Exercise-related injuries are a significant concern few people think about until it’s too late.

Obviously, it's important to exercise. But some sports and exercise regimes carry a greater risk of injury than others.

Running, for example, is among the most popular forms of exercise in America. But up to half of all runners are injured each year, according to a 2010 study in Current Sports Medicine Reports. “I’m a long-distance runner myself, but it’s a high-impact form of exercise and it’s not optimal for people trying to avoid getting hurt,” Werner says. Also, many runners tend to overdo it. When it comes to running’s longevity benefits, researchers have found that running two or three times per week at a slow or moderate pace is optimal.

Especially for those age 40 and older, exercises that place heavy amounts of stress on the knees, shoulders and other joints are going to come with a high risk of injury, Werner says. Examples he raises are basketball, soccer, tennis, or other sports that involve lots of jumping, twisting, or quick changes of direction.

Source: TIME, full story


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